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About Arise Creative

To participate in the Arise movement, we have ministries in which you can give of your time, talents and treasures. Our job as volunteers is to love, encourage and equip. Serving as a volunteer is more than just what we build, but it's about who we are building.


The Creative Team’s mission is to connect people with God through captivating experiences through storytelling that inspires people to seek after or discover God’s presence.


  • To grow as content creators and audience-focused storytellers that strive to stir audiences to act.

  • To create positive change – change in the perceptions and actions of audiences. 

  • To capture human experiences that emotionally engage and inspire. 

  • To equip those seeking to grow their creative potential


Film arts offers a range of experience in pre and post post production as a volunteer or intern outside of Sunday services. It is an opportunity to learn about equipment, gain experience in all aspects of production and grow one’s experience/portfolio. Being part of the team offers exposure to any of the following: directing, producing, screenwriting, production or costume design, acting, editing, lighting, cinematography, organizing, budgeting, sound design, and much more. 


As a volunteer or intern the photography team learns to capture important moments and share them through professional online promotion. There is exposure to different types of equipment and professional editing software. Through photography one is able to express themselves by capturing pictures during a Sunday service, community events, artistic expression, and for the graphic design team. 


Playing a role in graphic design comes with opportunities in learning about professionalism. Being part of the graphic design teams allows one to not only express themselves, but also understand vision, organization, leadership, and proper communication skills. The team teaches the use of different tools such as Photoshop or ProCreate, as well as the use of different equipment. 


Being part of the social media team offers experience in marketing, organization, promotion, the creation of professional and meaningful content, communication, writing, and data analysis. The team gains understanding of the culture of one’s community and how to properly engage, but also inspire the target audience. It also works in close collaboration with the graphic design and photography team in order to produce the best content. 


There is a high leadership responsibility involved when it comes to being part of the stage production team. The positions involved in production include the producer(s), camera operator(s), lighting designer, computer operator, audio engineering, and equipment manager. The team teaches team building, communication, organization and many other important characteristics that are important for the workplace; along with exposure to several different types of equipment.


Jason and Christine Aguilar are the Senior Leaders and Founders of Arise Church


Jason is a creative strategist. He aims to help creatives, entrepreneurs, leaders, innovators, and artists discover their destiny and equip them to live it out.

Christine is an educator with a passion for seeing the unique strengths and God-given abilities in children from birth to elementary school. Currently, she is a teacher at a private school. Christine is also a gifted speaker with a heart to serve and empower women for ministry.

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