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About Arise Kids

When we give a child what they need to develop and thrive, they give back through a lifetime of productive service to the Lord.


Through Arise Kids, we partner with parents to empower and encourage the next

generation to become lifelong learners, devoted to Christ.


  • To engage our children in meaningful, challenging and innovative educationaland spiritual experiences.

  • To help our children understand their personal value and potential.

  • To provide support and build the capacity of our parents.


Healthy psychosocial development in a child sets the stage for an eternal

relationship with Christ. In our Nursery, we cultivate an environment that provides

our children with rich social interactions among warm and responsive caregivers,

who focus on building positive experiences.

Our preschoolers will learn:

God Made them.

God Loves them.

Jesus Wants To Be Their Friend Forever.


In our Elementary Classroom, discovery and play are embraced and

integrated—when learners experience through action, information is retained 9

times longer than what they read and hear.

Our Elementary students will learn to:

Make wiser choices

Build stronger relationships

Develop a deeper faith


In our Junior High Classroom, we nurture an environment of dialogue: open-ended

questions are used as exploratory tools for our children to engage in in-depth

inquiry about God. They are encouraged to reflect on their emerging ideas about

their relationship with Christ, in and out of Sunday service.

Each element of our curriculum and strategy is made with a middle schooler in mind, including small group experiences that make abstract lessons concrete and a teaching style to help them navigate difficult transitions. 


Jason and Christine Aguilar are the Senior Leaders and Founders of Arise Church


Jason is a creative strategist. He aims to help creatives, entrepreneurs, leaders, innovators, and artists discover their destiny and equip them to live it out.

Christine is an educator with a passion for seeing the unique strengths and God-given abilities in children from birth to elementary school. Currently, she is a teacher at a private school. Christine is also a gifted speaker with a heart to serve and empower women for ministry.

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